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Upload your selfies & videos in easy contests to win goodies & gift vouchers! Look out for the 🏆. Cloop is where the crowd is!

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Post a photo or video

Post in easy contests about Food, Travel, Masti & more

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Jazz it up

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Share with friends

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College fest

Get your college fest on the radar

Get hundreds of perspectives of your college festival to capture the most epic video ever!

Cloop for Colleges

Cloop is all about building videos the way it's most fun-together!

Jam with your friends and make something creative with your buddies!

Many Perspectives

Engage the crowd

Easily create videos &
after movie of your festival

Get Sponsorships

Get more sponsors

Offer video promotion to your offline sponsors

Promote your Festival

Promote your Festival

Float cloops on social channels and get instant likes and shares

Featured Colleges

Here are some celebrations from the big college festivals of 2017-18.

These cloops were built by students together.

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Viral user generated content

Get your users together to promote you! Refreshing video content created by your customers & fans.

Your Business ❤️ Cloop

Spending a lot on video content for your social channels?

Now, get collages of your users’ videos and watch them go viral!

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Viral video content created by your brand’s fanbase

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Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Video endorsement from your customers, right at the table

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Online Brands

Online & Offline Brands

Video endorsement from your customers, right at the table

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Events & Weddings

Events & Weddings

Marvelous stories created by guests at your events

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