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Brand Building with Cloop

Build a brand connect with your users. Watch your users become promoters for your brand.

Social Media Management

Save Time & Money

Run a campaign on a single platform. Share it across FB, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram.At just the tenth of the cost!

High Reach & virality

Get your brand to be popular & buzzing among consumers. Garner 10x reach for your brand, with users endorsing your brand on their social media pages.

Easy content generation

Users create brand connection moments.Stitch them together to create your unique brand story.

Manage your profile better

Get your followers to become brand ambassadors. Promote your best fans – make them feel special.

From Blogs to Vlogs

Interact with your followers through Vlogs. Create videos and share them easily on social media to gain more engagement & traffic.

Earn revenue

Onboard your brand connects. Device a unique model to earn revenue.

Influencer Marketing
Blogs and online mags

From Blogs to Vlogs

Video content is the way forward. Add visual richness to your blogs with this easy tool to generate content.

Better Engagement

Engage with followers through your video stories created with Cloop. Generate additional reach for your content through your users.

Run Contests

Polls and comments are a thing of the past. Run video contests and giveaways to get feedback and content from your prospects.